We have all heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote “The only things certain in life are death and taxes”, but unfortunately he overlooked the most important certainty in life: You are the only person you will ever be. This person will have all of your experiences, feel all of your emotions, know all of your thoughts, and with whom you will spend the most time with. Whether you look in the mirror and love the person you see or whether you judge and become filled with sadness when you see the person in that mirror, this is you! This will be you for your journey through this thing called life.

If you are the person that looks in the mirror and judges what you see, then more than likely you are living with an overall feeling of sadness which could be due from one or many contributing factors. Yes, this feeling may come and go, but I am talking about the feeling you have in the core of your existence. What you feel when you’re alone and there are no distractions or addictions for you to escape to or hide behind.


This approach causes one to be in a state of merely existing or coping with life as it happens to you. Another approach is looking at life as something you are experiencing. Learn to allow yourself to be filled with love and acceptance not only for yourself but for the others that you choose to be a part of your experience.


Charles Dickens once said “We forge the chains we wear in life” All too often we are in complete control of the things that bother us the most, but we choose not to see it. Instead we allow the weight of these chains to bear down upon us, drain our energy, and cause negative feelings to run our lives by keeping us in a constant state of feeling incomplete or inadequate. The irony of this is that we possess the key, but sometimes we need to change the way we look at life before we can use it.

The goal of this book is to be a tool of support so that you may find and use that key, which will allow you to let go of those heavy chains that you are wearing.

Only you know what your chains are made of, and only you can lay them down. However, we would like to be a tool of support for you that will hopefully open your mind to the possibility that you are in complete control of your life. You can continue on as is and experience your life the exact same way that you have previously, or you can make a choice that you want life to different. You can chose to experience a life filled with an abundance of love, acceptance, and support not only for yourself but for everyone you meet along the way. Whatever your end goal, we are here to help you if you want or need support.